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Mission Statement

To promote the public health, safety, and welfare and to promote the highest degree of professional conduct on the part of athletic trainers. The licensure of persons offering athletic trainer services to the public helps to assure the availability of athletic trainer services of high quality to persons in need of such services.


The Board of Athletic Trainers is an advisory body to the State Board of Medicine. The Board of Athletic Trainers is responsible to administer, coordinate, and enforce Idaho law concerning athletic trainers. They evaluate the qualifications and fitness of applicants, and approve the applications for licensure. They may issue subpoenas, examine witnesses, and administer oaths, and may investigate practices which are alleged to violate the provisions of the athletic trainer law. The Board of Athletic Trainers evaluates all applicants for qualification and fitness for licensure, and makes recommendations to the Board of Medicine concerning the issuance and revocation of licenses. They also recommend rules to be promulgated concerning athletic training.


ÔÇťAthletic trainer" means a person who has met the qualifications for licensure and is licensed under this chapter, and carries out the practice of athletic training under the direction of a designated Idaho licensed physician, registered with the board or a designated Idaho licensed chiropractic physician.


The practice of "Athletic training" means the application by a licensed athletic trainer of principles and methods of:

                1. Prevention of athletic injuries;

                2. Recognition, evaluation and assessment of athletic injuries and conditions;

                3. Immediate care of athletic injuries including common emergency medical situations;

                4. Rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries;

                5. Athletic training services administration and organization; and

                6. Education of athletes.


Athletic Trainers are regulated in Idaho and are required to be licensed.