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IDAPA 24.33.06


     01.     Evidence of Completion. Prior to renewal each applicant for renewal, reinstatement or reapplication, shall submit evidence of successfully completing no less than twelve (12) clock hours per year of continuing education acceptable to the Board. Continuing education must be germane to the practice or performance of respiratory care. Appropriate continuing professional education activities include but are not limited to, the following: 

     a.     Attending or presenting at conferences, seminars or inservice programs.

     b.     Formal course work in Respiratory Therapy related subjects.

     02.     Polysomnographer Continuing Education. Each individual applicant for renewal of an active permit shall, on or before the expiration date of the permit, submit satisfactory proof to the Licensure Board of successful completion of not less than twelve (12) hours of approved continuing education pertaining to the provision of polysomnographic-related respiratory care per year in addition to any other requirements for renewal as adopted by the Board. The Board, as recommended by the Licensure Board, may substitute all or a portion of the coursework required in Section 032 when an applicant for renewal shows evidence of passing an approved challenge exam or of completing equivalent education as determined by the Board, as recommended by the Licensure Board, to be in full compliance with the education requirements of this chapter.

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