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COVID-Related Physician Licensure Exemption - Idaho Code 54-1804(1)(d) sets forth a licensure exemption for physicians during a time of disaster. The Governor's August 17, 2021 Proclamation declared a state of disaster emergency in Idaho. During this time of disaster, physicians who are licensed to practice in another state or country and in good standing can practice medicine via telehealth or in person in Idaho pursuant to Idaho Code 54-1804(1)(d).

The Governor announced the state of disaster emergency in Idaho will be lifted on April 15, 2022. To ensure continuity of patient care, physicians who are not licensed in Idaho have until July 1, 2022 to pursue licensure in Idaho or transition patient care to an Idaho-licensed physician.

Face coverings and mask exemptions - On October 22, 2020, the Board of Medicine adopted the FSMB Statement on providers wearing face coverings during patient care:

FSMB Statement on Wearing Face Coverings During Patient Care